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September 29, 2016
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I never underestimate the value of good customer service! One of the major factors that influence our purchasing decisions is customer service. How quickly do they respond to email? Is it easy to reach a live person by phone? How about a decision-maker? Do they meet or exceed expectations? Are they proactive when the plan is derailed?

Everyone makes mistakes, but I believe it is how you handle your mistakes where you have the greatest opportunity to win customers over. There isn’t a vendor in our database that is perfect, but we are loyal to each of them because of an engaged owner, a detailed customer service agent, an attentive salesperson, or a careful shipping manager. Decision makers are accessible. We call or email them, and they make it right.

Recently, a customer contacted us about an exterior logo mat that had faded. They bought two and the other one was still bright, so I inquired about the care that was given to that particular mat. Was a cleaner used? Was it in direct sunlight for long periods? The customer explained that nothing was different about the care to this mat. Armed with this information, I contacted the manufacturer on their behalf and sent a picture. No questions asked; they sent a replacement right away. This is why we work with The Andersen Company and companies like them.

I gather our customers have the same expectations of their vendors, which is why we try to treat our customers with the same care and attention that we demand from our vendors. We know that when all else is equal, our customer service may be the differentiating factor in decision-making. For the past 100 years, we’ve learned that being thorough, dependable, responsive and caring is the only way to uphold great customer service and cultivate lasting relationships.

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