Laura Sniadecki, President

Laura Sniadecki copy

In 2006, Laura took the helm from her mother at the A.G. Maas Company. She claims she is “just part of the team”. She works to support all areas of the company with a special focus on business development and community engagement.

One of her big dreams was to pay homage to the company’s founder, Albert Maas, during the 100th year of business, and she accomplished that in a big way in 2015. They were written up in multiple publications, featured on the local news, hosted a customer appreciation open house, received a proclamation from the Mayor of Indianapolis, and were inducted into the Indiana Historic Business Register.

Laura says that a good day at the office is when her inbox has less than 10 emails in it. She jokes, “Who am I kidding, that never happens!” She enjoys the days she can get into the office early with a hot cup of coffee, making a new connection, touching base with a few existing customers, working with the A.G. Maas team to improve processes, and ending the day with a few more to-dos crossed off of her list.

When she’s not working, Laura enjoys playing Scrabble with her husband, dining out at local eateries with friends, and playing Batman with her young sons and dress-up with her little girl.