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Pad Absorbents


SpillTech Gray AirLaid Heavyweight Pad - 15" x 19"

Conform to your application for unlimited flexibility in tight spaces or when wiping. Crumples, fits or wraps to any job. Universal application for oils, coolants, solvents, water. Absorbs 31.1 gal. Per pack; Absorbs Up to 40.06 oz. per pad.  100/cs

SpillTech Responder™ Oil-Only Pads

Best performing pad on water due to fast-wicking fibers. Highly absorbent Meltblown polypropylene mat repels water and soaks up only oil and oil-based fluids. Floats even when completely saturated, most effective for marine spills. Bright white color makes it easy to locate in spill emergencies. Single layer of hydrophobic (oil-only) polypropylene.
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SpillTech Defender™ Gray Mat Pad - 15" x 19", HeavyWeight

General-purpose SonicBonded mat for overspray and everyday use. Abrasion-resistant top layer gives pads strength for everyday cleanup jobs. Perfect for medium-duty industrial, maintenance and general applications. Quickly absorbs leaks, spills and overspray to keep floors dry. Perforations allow you to tear pads into different sizes based on your application. Universal absorbency means one product for multiple liquids. Perforated at 7.5" up the center. One layer of SpunBond fabric is ultrasonically bonded to one layer of MeltBlown sorbent. Universal application for oils, coolants, solvents and water.  100/cs