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Chemical Dispenser & Equipment


Flo-Master® 1971 Tank Sprayer - 1 Gal.

These sprayers feature a white, translucent HDPE tank so it's easy to see the fill level. They have economical Buna seals, and a poly flow control, wand and nozzle. Adjustable spray pattern. Funnel top. Reinforced hose. Suggested applications are herbicides, pesticides, and cleansers.  ea

Tolco® Pro-Blend™ Bottle Proportioners

Easy-to-Use. It's as simple as turn, squeeze, pour. Instantly measures from 1/4 oz. up to 3 oz. of liquid. Reduces product waste and eliminates the need for costly proportioning systems. Measures cleaning concentrates for dilution (sanitizers, disinfectants, etc.) Use with thin, flowing products only. Not resistant to chlorine bleach. 3 oz volume.
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