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Industrial Cleaners / Degreasers


Formula 409® Cleaner & Degreaser - 32 oz.

Commercial Solutions®. Kills 99.9% of germs, including the bacteria that causes food-related illness such as E. Coli and salmonella. Bleach-free. Powerful grease-cutting formula. No rinsing. EPA Registered.  12/cs

Nyco Blaze 8 Cleaner Degreaser - Gal.

Removes heavy deposits of grease, baked on carbon, soot, gums, resins, oils, inks, waxes and other heavy soils. Ideal for use in schools, restaurants, factories, print shops, garages and more. Purple 8% butyl. Our most popular heavy duty butyl cleaner & the industry standard. Can be used to clean all types of machinery, floors, presses, ovens, etc. Dilution: 20:1.  4/cs

Nyco Concentrated Non-Solvent Cleaner Degreaser - Gal.

Non-solvent, non-corrosive and non-flammable. Easily loosens oils, grease and other soils for full suspension and removal from a variety of surfaces. Mild pH, safe to use on most water safe surfaces. Can be diluted for all cleaning tasks. e.logical. Green Seal™ Certified. 2 per case.  2/cs

Nyco HD-Force Heavy Duty Spray & Wipe RTU Degreaser - Qt.

A super strength spray and wipe degreaser for tackling the toughest cleaning jobs. Ready to use convenience. It cuts through grease, oil, tar, ink, crayon, wax, silicone, resins, adhesives, and burned-on carbonized soils. Penetrates and works quickly to remove heavy buildups. Excellent for use in manufacturing plants, kitchens, food processing, or other areas where maximum strength cleaning is required. Ideal for cleaning grease from equipment, machinery, and tools.  12/cs

Nyco Swipe It Cleaner - Qt.

A ready to use spray cleaner that quickly cuts through tough dirt, grease, and grime on most water-safe surfaces. Use it to remove finger marks, ink, lipstick, oil, dirt, smudges/smears, and food soils. Use anywhere quick surface cleaning is required. Fresh pleasant scent leaves areas clean and refreshed and can be used for housekeeping, vehicle detailing, in kitchens, on countertops, walls, woodwork, plastic, and most painted surfaces.  12/cs

Titan Cleanup Solvent 22™ - Pint

Replaces chlorinated solvents. It dries quickly and does not need a water rinse. Removes black scuff marks from wood or vinyl floors and baseboards. Dries quickly and leaves no residue when dry. Outstanding safety rating and performance.  12/cs

Titan Oil-Flo™ 141 Safety Solvent Cleaner - Pint

An amazing cleaner that will quickly dissolve oil, grease, adhessive, wax creosote, resin, chewing gum, crayons, lipstick and other difficult materials. Works on all washable surfaces. 100% water soluble. USDA approved.  12/cs