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Microfiber Mops


Premium 16" x 16" Textured Microfiber Cloths

Limit the spread of germs with color-coded cloths. Use one color on the outside of urinals/toilets and another on mirrors, counters and sinks. Microfiber cloths conserve water, reduce use of disposable products and require fewer chemicals. Can be used wet or dry and up to 1500 wash cycles. Application: Bathrooms (typically red); General purpose blue, yellow, green.
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Golden Star® HD Microfiber Wet Mop Pads

Microfiber penetrates surface pores to remove tiny dust particles. Eliminates cross-contamination with mop pads designed for quick, frequent changes. Reduces chemicals, water, and energy to clean, saving time and money. Velcro backing makes changing mop heads quick and easy. Launderable.
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O Cedar® MaxiPlus® Microfiber Dust Mop - 18"

Both fringe and center section are constructed of 100% microfiber providing unmatched cleaning performance without any treatment. Double sewn "lock stitch" edge provides maximum durability. Slip-on slot pocket; easiest and fastest method to secure dust mop to frame. No linting; highly launderable; quick-dry synthetic backing. Fits standard 5" dust mop frames. Provides "ecofriendly" experience. Green Environmentally Designed Products. Blue.  12/cs