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Multiple Surface Cleaners


Nyco Arrest Bacterial Enzyme Bathroom Cleaner - Qt.

Bio-enzyme formulation of several selected bacterial strains designed to work on the soils and odors found in restrooms. Special biodegradable surfactants help loosen soils. Effective on proteins, grease, fats, and cellulose. Clean fresh fragrance. 6 per case.  6/cs

Nyco Bathroom & Bowl Cleaner/Degreaser - Qt.

Non-corrosive cleaner for all bathroom surfaces. Easily cleans and removes calcium, magnesium, rust and other hard water deposits. e.logical. Green Seal™ Certified.  6/cs

Stearns® QUART'R PACKS Restroom & Bowl Cleaner - 3.5 g

An acid producing powdered cleaner that removes iron stains, mineral stains, and water scale. Clean, fresh herbal fragrance. Ideal for daily cleaning and bowl maintenance. One packet makes 1 quart for restroom and bowl cleaning.  4/80/cs