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Carpet Spot / Gum Removers


Core Unbelievable!® Pet Urine & Odor Eliminator - 32 fl oz

Powerful, yet carpet-safe formula that works naturally to break down odors as well as remove the stain from carpet and upholstery. Safe to use around pet bedding. Leaves no sticky residue. Neutral pH.  12/cs

Champion Sprayon® Chewing Gum & Candle Wax Remover

Has a freezing action that allows chewing gum and wax drippings to be removed easily and effectively. Freezes substances instantly to -6° F. Release adhesion between substance and surface. Does not leave rings or residue behind.  12/cs

Core Unbelievable!® Pro Stain & Odor Remover - 128 oz.

General spotter for carpet, upholstery, fabrics and clothing. Advanced formula eliminates tough, stubborn stains like coffee wine, fruit juices, food spills and more. Enzyme active to permanently eliminated odors, not just cover them up. Formulated with stain repelling agents to prevent resoiling.  4/cs