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Sweeping Compound


Clean Sweep No Grit Oil Based Sweeping Compound - 50#, Red

This non-abrasive sweeping compound is safe to use on any floor. Perfect for collecting dirt and dust on all types of wood, tile, terrazzo, and finished concrete floors without scratching. Ready Sweep is ideal for use in stores, warehouses, institutions, churches, restaurants, factories, schools and homes.  ea

Clean Sweep Sanded Grit Oil Based Sweeping Compound

Contains sand as an abrasive to loosen grime and dirt that may be stuck on work floors. Ideal for unfinished wood and concrete floors. It is mainly used in the construction industry, warehouses, boat yards, factories, garages and anywhere heavy-duty cleaning is a must.
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Clean Sweep Wax Base Sweeping Compound - 50#

Non sanded, wax base sweeping compound conditions as it cleans. Use on painted and varnished floors, tile, terrazzo, wood, concrete and waxed floors. Great for keeping finished floors looking their best.  ea