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Misc. Dusters


P&G Swiffer® Dusters 360 Unscented Refill - 6 ct.

Traps and locks dust and allergens. Thousands of fluffy fibers feature dust lock adhesive. Efficient cleaning solution is ideal for businesses as well as home.  4/cs

P&G Swiffer® 360° Dusters™ Extender™ w/3 Dusters

Trap and lock dust and allergens with thousands of fluffy fibers. Dust Lock Adhesive traps and locks dust away for good.  6/cs

Lambskin Dust Wand Extension Dusters

The easiest way to reach high places. The Flex models will bend over backwards to get over and around the most difficult to reach surfaces. A gentle static charge, a web of tiny fibers, and soft natural oils combine to create the perfect dust control 'system'. 12" dusting pom.
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Lambskin Dust Wand Wall & Ceiling Duster - 12" x 6"

Each dusting head attaches interchangeable to a standard, acme thread utility handle to reach the highest surfaces. Plastic frame.  ea

Lambskin Dust Wand Big Pro Lambswool Duster

Manufactured with thick premium selected wool skins, featuring rugged plastic handles, solid construction.  ea