Anova® Madison 6' Recycled Plastic Mahogany Contour Bench


  • Recycled plastic seat and back planks and steel armrests and legs.
  • Description

Composed of .50" thick formed steel armrests and legs with 1.5" x 3.5" recycled plastic planks for the seat and back rest. The armrests are 3.5" wide and have individual right end and left end orientations. The bench is 79.25" long and will support 200 lbs per linear foot. The planks are made of 95% recycled content by weight and are impervious to moisture and corrosion, do not require the application of sealants or preservatives, and will never need painting or staining throughout the product's life. Fade-resistant powder coated steel components feature a state-of-the-art primer proven to prevent rusting.