Fire Extinguishers

Fire prevention is important to practice in a workplace. Fires can start anywhere. An overloaded electrical socket, dust and debris build up, and certain chemicals and liquids are all potential fire starters in the workplace. But even if your whole team is great about fire prevention, having fire extinguishers on hand to put out a fire is also an important preventative measure to keep the fire from spreading. If you cut safety measures like fire extinguishers and there is a fire, it could result in a lot more damage to your business, injuries or fatalities and potentially employee lawsuits. 

A.G. Maas is your go-to office supply, safety equipment, and site furnishings supplier. We can help you not only procure enough fire extinguishers for your business, but also refill them in the case they’re ever used so your business is always protected.

Are Fire Extinguishers Required?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets the standard for fire safety rules and prevention techniques. The NFPA requires fire extinguishers at a variety of different types of businesses. These businesses range from industrial, assembly, and mercantile businesses as well as businesses that host a lot of people at a time like correctional facilities, daycare centers, hotels, and schools. 

Fire extinguishers need to be placed on every floor in an easily accessible location with the labels faced out. They should be installed in common areas like hallways or near exit doors. There should be no objects or storage blocking fire extinguishers, and if they are not in a visible area, visual aids and signs must be provided. 

Not only are you expected to have fire extinguishers throughout your building, your staff should also be trained on how to use them. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), employers who provide portable fire extinguishers must provide an educational program to familiarize all employees with the general principles of fire extinguisher use.

The Benefits of Fire Extinguishers in the Workplace

Having fire extinguishers on hand is the most effective way to prevent fires from spreading in your workplace. Although it may be expensive to buy several fire extinguishers at one time, the pros of saving your business and protecting your customers and employees outweigh the price of fire extinguishers by a lot. Here are some benefits of having fire extinguishers on hand in your workplace:

Keeping fires under control

Fire extinguishers aren’t meant to stop 5-alarm fires. They’re meant to prevent small flames from spreading to other objects and create bigger flames. Even if you spray a fire with a fire extinguisher and it doesn’t go out all the way, you’ve made a big difference in stopping the spread of the fire. Whenever there is a fire, call the fire department. They’ll be glad you used your fire extinguisher to help prevent the fire from spreading more. 

Saving lives

A large fire can destroy a building in a matter of minutes. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, in 2019, over 3,700 people died from fires. Fire extinguishers can make a big difference in employee safety. 

Protecting the building and its belongings

While protecting your employees should be your top priority, you also want to protect your buildings and belongings too. A fire can destroy everything you’ve invested in your workplace as well as any important documents, paperwork, and servers that store important documents and customer information. Losing all of this could set your business back a lot. With insurance, you can have most of these items replaced, but you’ll still have to start over to collect the vital information your business needs to thrive. This is why fires signal the end for so many businesses because they don’t want to start over from scratch. 

Protecting the environment

When there is a fire, there is smoke and pollution from burning debris that impacts the air and the environment. By using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire early, you’re also contributing to the environment by preventing these potential pollutants from a large fire from soiling our environment. 

Types of Fire Extinguishers from A.G. Maas

For different types of fires, you’ll need the proper fire extinguisher handy. For example, you can’t use a fire extinguisher designed to fight electrical fires or a grease fire. A.G. Maas supplies different classes of fire extinguishers for different types of fires. Our fire extinguishers also come in a variety of sizes. We also can provide the proper signage and housing you need so everyone knows where the nearest fire extinguisher is. Shop our store to see our wide selection of fire extinguishers for your workplace.

Contact A.G. Maas for Workplace Fire Extinguishers

Fire safety is incredibly important for keeping your business and your employees safe. If your new business needs to put the proper fire prevention system in place, or you want to improve on your current fire safety equipment, shop A.G. Maas for all your fire safety needs.