Environmental Responsibility

The A.G. Maas Company is a leading provider of environmentally-friendly products.

Whether you’re just starting out with a green cleaning plan or are pursuing a LEED-EB certification, we’ve got the products and resources you need.

How We Help You Get Greener

We maintain a comprehensive approach toward sustainability. It is important to understand what products you are using, why you are using them, where they come from, and if you can make practical changes to reduce your environmental impact. We feel a responsibility to protect our environment and to assist our customers in navigating through the “greening” process.

Companies can make many simple changes to their maintenance and purchasing practices, including:

  • Stop dirt at the door with a good indoor mat – The cleaner you keep your area, the less often you have to use cleaning products
  • Regularly clean high-traffic areas – When dirt doesn’t build up, you don’t need tougher, less environmentally-friendly cleaners to tackle the job
  • Use concentrates – Save on packaging and waste
  • Buy local - Save fuel used in shipping
  • Proper disposal of chemicals – If you must use harsh chemicals, it’s important you know how to dispose of them

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How is the A.G Maas Company leading the charge in their industry?

  • Committed to encouraging the use of the City of Indianapolis’ ToxDrop program.
  • Supplying local neighborhood and business organizations with items needed to beautify and clean our shared environment.

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