How to Choose the Right Commercial Matting

If you own or operate a commercial business, it’s imperative to have commercial flooring mats located throughout your business. From keeping your building clean and dust-free to preventing slips and falls to custom branding – it’s hard to overlook all of the benefits of using commercial matting in your business.

If your business needs commercial floor mats – or your current floor mats are old and worn – we have a solution for you: Contact the professionals at A.G. Maas. A.G. Maas, a janitorial supplies and furnishings company in Indianapolis, has several types of indoor and outdoor mats available for your business. Call us today to learn more about our offerings and to choose the right type of floor mat for your facility.

Benefits of Commercial Matting

There are many benefits to placing floor mats around your business or facility.

Keeping your business clean

Many commercial businesses receive a ton of foot traffic each day. A vast majority of dirt – as much as 70 to 90% – is tracked inside your facility from your customers’ and employees’ shoes and boots. This high traffic is an even bigger issue during the winter months when snow and ice are tracked in along with the dirt. Placing high-quality floor mats by entryways to your building that have heavy foot traffic will catch a majority of the dirt and water to keep your business clean and free of dust and dirt that may irritate people with allergies, asthma, or other different respiratory illnesses.

Promoting a safe environment

The chances of clients and employees slipping and falling when they enter a commercial business increases dramatically without commercial entrance mats. Whether the floors are slick with moisture from frequent cleaning or polishing, or they’re wet from rain or snow, you may help cut down on injuries by placing entrance mats next to every entryway door of your building. The average cost of a slip and fall case can cost a business more than $20,000. Make sure that your business or facility doesn’t get hit by a slip and fall case and choose high-quality floor mats.

More effective than doormats

Doormats are significantly smaller than commercial mats. Because of this, they just don’t protect your business as well from preventing dirt from being tracked in, or from slip and fall injuries.

Custom branding opportunities

Companies are always on the lookout for ways to improve their branding. One of the best ways to do that is to put your company’s name or logo on high-quality custom entrance mats provided by A.G. Maas. These mats are designed to make sure that your business will be front and center in your customers’ minds each and every time they come inside.

Types of Floor Mats Offered by A.G. Maas

A.G. Maas is proud to offer a full array of high-quality commercial matting for all types of industries. We are proud to offer matting from our main supplier, M+A Matting, a company which has been developing matting to make facilities cleaner, safer, and more comfortable for over 50 years.

Anti-fatigue matting

Anti-fatigue mats are the perfect solution for employees who stand in the same spot for hours at a time. The high-density, nitrile-blended cushion of our anti-fatigue matting eliminates pressure to the lower back and legs to provide unbeatable comfort. The sloped edges of this floor mat also provide a safe transition from the floors to the mat. These mats are ideal for improving your employees’ productivity and ergonomics.

Entrance wiper and scraper mats

With a classic waffle pattern, our entrance matting options keep your flooring dry, clean, and safe. Our entryway wiper and scraper mat options each come with a unique bi-level design that traps dirt and can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. Trust entrance wiper and scraper mats to keep your high-traffic floors safe.

Slip-resistant backing system

The dense pile yarn of the slip-resistant backing system may hold more than two gallons of water per square yard! The attractive colors hide dirt and different types of debris while complementing surroundings. They can be easily cleaned with daily vacuuming.

Specialty mats

Contact A.G. Maas to discuss our line of specialty floor mats for your commercial business. We have several mats to choose from for commercial bathrooms, including urinal mats that are designed to go around commodes.

Contact A.G. Maas for Indoor and Outdoor Mats

Contact A.G. Maas for all of your business’ commercial matting needs. Our professionals will work closely with you to find the ideal style and size of floor mat for your business. Whether it’s impressing your clients with a custom logo mat, preventing dirt and other different debris from being tracked into your facility, or keeping customers and employees safe – A.G. Maas has a floor mat solution to fit your specific needs. Contact A.G. Maas today for more information.

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