Supply Management

Did you know that commercial cleaning supplies are more effective and resistant than residential cleaning products? Although your home may seem busy and crowded at times, the amount of grime in residential settings pales in comparison to the amount found in businesses. Using the weaker cleaners at your business could be a costly mistake.

When you buy cleaning products in bulk from A.G. Maas, we’ll find you the best prices on the most effective cleaners for your space. That’s why it pays to have a cleaning products supplier like A.G. Maas.

At A.G. Maas, our professionals will take the time to fully understand your business and develop a unique solution for its specific needs. We believe our customer-focused approach is what helps us stand out from our competitors and has built us into one of the most trusted janitorial supplies and furnishing companies in the Midwest.

What is Supply Management?

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate as it is. With budgets, personnel management, sales and marketing, who has time to keep the cleaning supply closet full? Business owners love A.G. Maas for their supply management because we have the best connections with vendors so we get the best prices on products.

Following a facility audit, you can trust A.G. Maas to find and purchase the best cleaning products, office supplies, and furnishings for your needs – at the best prices! We will work with your budget and cleaning timeline so you know you’ve always got what you need on hand.

No more spending extra on rush orders or last-minute trips to the store. With supply management from A.G. Maas, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have a constant supply of the cleaning products and equipment you need.

How Can Supply Management Help?

Managing your cleaning supplies yourself can be a headache. Staying on top of your inventory and maintaining a cleaning budget can be a challenge. When demand for cleaning products is high, prices may spike and quantities may be low. You might not be able to stay on budget to stock up on what you need the most. 

Supply management from A.G. Maas keeps your supply closet full and your budget consistent. You’ll pay for great products that promise results. Your supply manager can also provide answers to questions you have about your products.

Control Costs

It pays to know someone in the cleaning business to help you get the best prices. When you work with A.G. Maas, you’ve got an in with multiple suppliers and vendors. Your supply manager will be able to negotiate prices and find comparable replacement products if yours are unavailable. We work with your budget to eliminate unexpected spikes in prices. 

Manage Products

We calculate your cleaning supply needs by considering the size of your space and the amount of traffic you get throughout the day. We take the guesswork out of cleaning by doing our homework to figure out when you’re expected to run out of a certain product. We make sure that you’ll always have enough between deliveries. Our connections with multiple vendors ensures that we will always find a source for the products you need.

Improve Facilities

When you have a dependable supply of tools and supplies, you can do your work consistently. Never have another lapse in cleaning because you weren’t able to restock on cleaning products due to low quantity or price. With A.G. Maas, you’ll stay fully stocked on what you need so you can keep your facility consistently clean.

Supply Management Services from A.G. Maas

Our goal at A.G. Maas is to make sure the businesses we work with are never without the supplies they need to keep their spaces clean. We want you to have the cleanest, healthiest, and safest environment possible. You can’t do that with an inconsistent supply.

Working with A.G. Maas ensures you are well-stocked and your cleaning budget stays as expected. When demand for cleaning products is high, A.G. Maas promises to always find the strongest products for the best prices.

Contact A.G. Maas for Supply Management Services

Shopping around for the best cleaning prices at competitive prices can be exhausting. Leave it to A.G. Maas to keep your cleaning supplies well-stocked and within your budget. Contact us today for more information.