Facility Supplies

At A.G. Maas, we understand that every company is different and has its own set of unique needs. That’s why we never come to our clients with a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

With more than a 100 year of experience providing companies in Central Indiana with facility supplies, we know just the right questions to ask and the best products to recommend – whether it’s cleaning supplies, office supplies, site furnishings, and so much more! We’re dependable, loyal, and we care about the success of your company.

Every type of business needs facility supplies, regardless of the type of work that goes on inside. Whether you need cleaning products, paper towels, trash liners, vacuums, mops, or more – you can trust A.G. Maas to get the job done right. We offer cost-effective solutions and world-class service that your company can count on. Don’t leave such an important decision to just any company; contact A.G. Maas today to find out why we’re the most trusted distributor of facility supplies in Indiana.

Facility Supplies from A.G. Maas

A.G. Maas has decades of experience helping businesses stay stocked up with the items they need to get the job done. A.G. Maas has the proper solutions and tools to fix your biggest problems. We can help reduce the risk for your staff and visitors with cleaning disinfection and maintenance products.

A.G. Maas’ vast catalog of products can offer solutions for even the most unusual problems. Browse around and you’ll find products that you can’t buy in retail stores. And with competitive pricings and high-quality supplies, when you purchase items through A.G. Maas, you know you’re always getting the best deal.

How Proper Facility Supplies Can Help

Bring in A.G. Maas to perform a facility audit to assess the particular facility needs that can improve your company. We work with businesses big and small to provide comfort and supplies that keep business flowing.

We understand how important it is to keep your employees and customers safe and healthy. That’s why A.G. Maas provides disinfectants, hand sanitizer bottles and soap and soap dispensers to cut down on germs and promote a healthy environment. Providing these essentials to your employees can cut down on sick days and increase productivity.

Our full range of cleaning products include degreasers, carpet and floor care solutions, glass cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, drain maintenance products, descalers and acid cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizers, and odor control solutions. Along with cleaning supplies, we also offer paper products and cleaning equipment, too.

If you have a cafeteria or host events at your location, it’s easy to keep people organized with crowd control systems. This keeps people in place and hopefully prevents them from wandering into undesignated areas unsupervised. We also provide laptop locks to prevent theft of expensive technology. All these things and more fall under the facility supplies umbrella from A.G. Maas.

How We Can Assist You

At A.G. Maas, we want to see what’s in your supply closets. Do you have enough toilet paper to meet demand? Do you have the right air quality equipment to keep your staff comfortable? What materials do you use the most? We can help keep your office supplies fully stocked with the necessary everyday items that everyone needs.

Our supply managers can set you up with regular deliveries. Just when you think you’re about to run out of a product, your delivery will arrive. Our expertise can solve the problems you don’t even realize you have.

Our proactive account management team develops deep personal relationships with our customers to ensure their specific needs are always taken care of.

Contact A.G. Maas for Facility Supplies

When it comes to stocking up on necessary products, or keeping offices safe and clean, A.G. Maas is in your corner. Our team of professionals listen to your individual concerns and find innovative ways to solve them. Whether it’s keeping more supplies on hand or swapping out old products with better ones, A.G. Maas is here to help. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your facility supply needs.