How Often Should Office Trash Receptacles Be Cleaned?

In order to promote a clean and healthy workplace, trash receptacles must be cleaned regularly. Doing so will not only provide a clean environment to protect your employees, but will also leave a positive impression on your customers, clients, and visitors.

In the newest blog post from the professionals at A.G. Maas, we’ll discuss tips for cleaning office trash receptacles, why it’s so important, and more to help you throughout the process. Contact us today to receive more helpful tips and information.

How to Clean a Trash Receptacle

In order to properly clean indoor and outdoor trash cans, a few steps should be taken to ensure all odors and stains are eliminated, and the receptacle has been cleaned thoroughly.

  • Remove all trash from the receptacle. If you have a trash bag or receptacle liner, ensure that no loose pieces of trash have fallen out of the bag or between the liner and into the receptacle.
  • Hose down the receptacle. Any standard garden hose should be powerful enough to loosen any pieces of trash that have gotten stuck to the sides or bottom of the receptacle.
  • Scrub the trash bin with vinegar or dish soap. Hosing down the receptacle will loosen any stuck items, but it won’t clean the receptacle. Add water and vinegar or dish soap to a brush and scrub the sides and bottom of the receptacle. 
  • Spray with multi-surface cleaning products. If you’re still noticing smelly trash cans after thoroughly cleaning them, spray them down with scented multi-surface cleaning products.
  • Dry the receptacle. You can choose to either dry the receptacle yourself with a cloth, or to let the receptacle dry naturally on its own. 

Why Is It Important to Clean Your Trash Receptacles?

Every single thing about your company leaves an impression in the mind of a consumer. If customers see dirty trash receptacles or smell trash can odors on your premises, they’ll draw conclusions about your company, fair or not. By regularly cleaning your indoor and outdoor garbage cans, you can help to create a more positive impression on your customers and clients.

Additionally, dirty and stinky garbage cans can create an unsafe working environment for your employees. Protect them and keep them safe by remembering to have your office trash receptacles cleaned often.

When Should You Replace Your Trash Receptacles?

Pay close attention to the current condition of your trash receptacles. Do they have a strong odor even after they’ve been cleaned and cleared of any trash? Are they beginning to show signs of wear and tear? Do they have any holes that are allowing trash and liquids to escape? 

Closely monitoring your trash cans for any issues can help you determine if you should soon replace them. If they’re starting to consistently cause issues, replacing them sooner than later is likely your best bet. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Trash Receptacles?

Ideally, your trash receptacles should be thoroughly cleaned quarterly. Depending on the usage frequency of your trash receptacles, you could benefit from cleaning them more or less frequently.

As a general rule of thumb, however, trash receptacles should be cleaned twice per year at minimum. 

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