How Often Should Restaurant Restrooms Be Cleaned?

The restroom is an element of your business that says a lot about your restaurant, whether you realize it or not. A dirty restroom makes a bad statement against you and your business and can prevent customers from returning.

In our most recent blog, the professionals at A.G. Maas, Central Indiana’s most trusted facility supplies and furnishings company, discuss how often restaurant bathrooms should be cleaned and what affects cleaning frequency.

How Often Should Restaurant Restrooms Be Cleaned?

Restaurant restrooms should ideally be cleaned twice per day. The routine should not only include cleaning tasks, but also disinfecting tasks in order to eliminate contaminants and potentially infectious materials that could cause reactions in customers or employees.

Regular Spot Inspections Throughout the Day

To hone your restaurant’s restroom cleaning efforts, implement a daily system of periodic spot checks to assess current cleanliness and condition. If different employees can enter and assess the restrooms about every 15 minutes, you can keep tabs on conditions throughout the day to determine if an extra daily cleaning should be performed, or if an immediate cleaning is warranted due to the restroom’s current condition. It’s also a good way to ensure the restroom is properly supplied with toilet paper, paper towels and soap at all times.

To encourage team adoption of this policy, it’s best to assign a schedule for bathroom walkthroughs. Employees should visually assess cleanliness but also spend a few seconds picking up and tidying to help keep restrooms cleaner over longer periods.

If particularly egregious cleanliness issues are found during an assessment, these should be noted. Keeping a log of comments can be helpful as you work to identify a better cleaning schedule. You will be able to control the cleanliness and sanitation of bathrooms while finding a workflow that works best for employees and doesn’t interfere with customers.

Restaurant Restroom Cleaning Schedule

To maximize efficiency of daily restroom cleanings, perform one cleaning mid-day when business is slow, and the second cleaning at closing time. With this routine, your restrooms will be fresh and clean for the dinner crowd and to start lunch off fresh the next day.

Each week, give restrooms a more detailed clean than the routine cleanings performed twice a day. Target areas that don’t receive the attention during the day cleanings, such as walls and baseboard trim. These detailed cleanings will help your maintenance efforts and protect the condition of fixtures and finishes.

Restaurant Restroom Supplies from A.G. Maas

Not only can A.G. Maas supply your company with all of the cleaning products it needs, we can also perform a facilities audit to ensure you have the right amount and types of cleaning supplies for all areas of your restaurant. We keep your stock consistent and within budget so you’re never without the supplies you need. To learn more about our services, contact us today.

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