How to Reduce Cleaning Costs at Work

Does your business seem to run out of cleaning supplies too frequently, leaving your business unclean and unhealthy for your employees and customers until supplies are refilled?

Frequently running out of cleaning products can be caused by using too much supplies in certain areas or not buying enough of the supplies you need. When this occurs, you risk spending more money by buying products at grocery or big box stores, which can be more expensive than having them delivered by a facility supplies company such as A.G. Maas.

You can save money and time by hiring A.G. Maas to perform a facility audit to determine the right amount of cleaning supplies your company needs. After the audit is performed, A.G. Maas can then provide a procurement solution to deliver the supplies directly to your business on a regular basis to ensure you never run out of what you need.

In our most recent blog, A.G. Maas, Central Indiana’s leading facilities supplies and furnishings company, discusses how to reduce cleaning costs at work.

What Is a Facilities Audit?

If your business is like many others, there probably isn’t a strategy in place for restocking cleaning supplies. That’s where a facilities audit from A.G. Maas can help significantly. A facilities audit takes the guesswork out of knowing how much cleaning supplies your company needs and when to restock.

During the audit, our professionals will examine your current cleaning process and make suggestions for improvements. If you’re typically running low on cleaning solutions, we may discover during the audit that you may not have strong enough products, or you’re using too much of a product in certain areas. Using stronger products can provide cost savings, as you’ll generally use less of the product.

Our professionals will develop an individualized plan to ensure you always have the cleaning products you need to keep your space clean. This can be determined by reviewing your company’s purchasing history and reviewing the number of supplies, products, and cleaning equipment your company has at a given time. Let us reduce supply costs for your company.

Procurement Support from A.G. Maas

Running to a grocery store or big box store to buy your cleaning equipment can be costly and time-consuming. If you hire us for procurement support, we’ll work with the top suppliers in the country to deliver you the high-quality products you need at the lowest possible prices. Because A.G. Maas works with so many local businesses and manufacturers, we have strong negotiating power to keep the price of your cleaning products as low as possible.

When you contact A.G. Maas for procurement support, you’ll also never have to worry about refilling your supplies again. We have this process down to a science and will know exactly when your business will need new cleaning chemicals or supplies based on the previous facilities audit we performed. We’ll come to your business with all of the supplies you need, while staying within your cleaning budget. All you have to do is write the check!

Procurement support allows you to focus more on your business and less on whether or not you’re running out of the cleaning supplies you need to keep your employees and customers safe and healthy. When you work with A.G. Maas, we’ll help you cut costs and see significant savings, while also getting you the cleaning products that you need.

Contact A.G. Maas for a Facilities Audit

Whether your business needs glass cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, degreasers, or carpet and floor care solutions, A.G. Maas has you covered. We can also provide cleaning equipment and paper products, too. For all of your cleaning supplies needs, contact the professionals at A.G. Maas today.

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