Ice Melt (Rock Salt)

Parking lots, sidewalks, walkways, and entryways are all areas around your business that you are responsible for maintaining. If you don’t use ice melt or rock salt to keep these areas clear and free of ice, you could have a potential slip and fall situation on your property. You could be liable for any injuries sustained.

Although you can’t predict the weather, it’s always a good idea to be prepared with rock salt in case you’re surprised by cold and icy conditions. A.G. Maas, Indianapolis’ leading facility supplies and furnishings company, has all the winter tools you need to keep your property, customers, and employees safe from dangerous slips and falls.

What Is Rock Salt?

When snowy and cold weather is on its way, plows will hit the streets. Not only do plows clear the snow, they also deposit rock salt to help melt the ice. This is an effective snow melting tool that is used throughout the country to lower the number of car accidents during potentially dangerous weather. Rock salt melts snow and ice by lowering the freezing points of the ice and breaking the seal between ice and the pavement. 

Rock salt does tend to have a harsh effect on concrete, landscaping, and vehicles. This is why so many potholes reopen on roads. It’s always a good idea to wash your car after driving on a particularly salty road to avoid rusting. Rock salt is a fairly inexpensive solution to melting ice around your property. It works very quickly to melt ice and create traction.


The Difference Between Rock Salt and Ice Melt

Ice melt is like rock salt, but is composed of a different blend of chemicals to work in colder weather. Ice melt is less harsh on concrete and vehicles, making it a more eco-friendly option. Ice melt is made of calcium chloride and is known for melting away ice quickly and lasts longer than rock salt. You may find ice melt in flakes instead of crystals like rock salt.

Many people choose rock salt over ice melt because it is cheaper. Ice melt is better if you know that inclimate weather is on its way. Laying out ice melt the night before can help make sure these pathways are good the next day. However, if you were unaware of cold and icy weather in the forecast, rock salt will be a better solution for melting the ice quicker.

Types of Rock Salt A.G. Maas Provides

Visit the A.G. Maas shop for your ice melting needs. We have a variety of products to help keep your property safe. 

Gunther Premium Rock Salt

This rock salt not only provides superior ice control, it is safe for the environment. Some rock salt contains chlorine which can be harmful to plants and animals.

Ice-A-Way Rock Salt

Ice-A-Way rock salt is a cost-effective solution to melting ice away quickly. 

Knox Ice Melter

A blended ice melt, Knox Ice Melter is safe to use and leaves no messy residue. 

Safe Step Pro Select Blue Ice Melt

Blue rock salt is highly visible, so your customers know you care about their safety. Safe Step Pro Select Blue Ice Melt boasts a long shelf life and superior melting power. 

Gunther Blue Blast Premium Ice Melter

For superior ice melt with a corrosion inhibitor, Gunther Blue Blast Premium Ice Melter is effective for temperatures as low as -5℉.


Keep Your Workplace Safe with Rock Salt from A.G. Maas

It’s time to improve your winter weather preparedness plan for your business. A great way to start is by finding an effective rock salt or ice melting formula for your sidewalks, parking lots, and entryways. Shop A.G. Maas to compare our varieties of rock salt to find the best solution for your business.