Multifold Hand Towels

Paper towels are great for drying hands, cleaning up messes, and other handy needs. When you have several employees who use paper towels frequently, you can go through them very quickly. This might prompt you to wonder: which are the most economical paper towels? Multifold paper towels are compact towels that are economical and easy to store. Call A.G. Maas to order multifold paper towels and dispensers for your office today.

What Is a Multifold Hand Towel?

Multifold paper towels, or z-fold paper towels, are folded in 3 layers in the shape of an accordion. These towels are 1-ply, so they’re very economical, but they are often 9.2” x 9.4” when unfolded, making them larger and more absorbent than single fold paper towels. If wiping your hands on a towel seems unsanitary, using a multifold paper towel from a basket or dispenser allows you to grab a single sheet without touching or dripping water on the next one. 

Single fold paper towels are smaller and folded in half and dispense one at a time like tissues. Although single fold paper towels are also an economical option, they are smaller and multiple towels may be needed to tackle larger spills and messes. Both types of paper towels are a cost-effective option for high-traffic public restrooms.


The Benefits of Multifold Hand Towels

Besides being a great economical option for your public bathrooms or office break rooms, you’ll notice many other benefits of multifold hand towels, such as:

Takes up less space due to narrower design

Rolls of paper towels are great on a paper towel rack, but otherwise they’re large and take up too much space. They usually come in bulky packages, and round objects are not easy to stack in a supply closet. Because of their narrow design, multifold hand towels come in bricks instead of rolls. Because of this compact design, you’ll also get more paper towels in one brick than you will in a roll. Some multifold paper hand towels come in bricks of 250 towels. Rolls usually only hold around 150 towels, depending on the brand. 

One-at-a-time dispensing

Don’t you hate it when you go to grab just one paper towel from the roll and you end up ripping the next sheet? Or when you get paper towels from a dispenser and they all come out when you just needed one or two? Multifold hand towels aren’t connected to the towels around them, making it easy to grab one towel at a time. 

Less waste

Paper towel rolls usually come in big plastic bags, and then each roll of paper towels is also wrapped in plastic. That’s a lot of waste! Multifold paper towels are held together in bricks by a paper envelope similar to a toilet paper roll. These bricks are packaged in a cardboard box, making them easy to ship from any supplier. When you buy multifold hand towels, you won’t find any plastic in the packaging. All of the packaging is completely recyclable, which means less waste in your office.

More aesthetic look

A nice pre-folded stack of hand towels looks very clean compared to a lone roll. When you put your multifold hand towels in a dispenser, they’ll give your public restrooms a professional look. And since multifold hand towel dispensers can hold lots of towels, your restrooms won’t run out of hand towels as quickly as a roll of toilet paper towels.

Cleaning and Bathroom Supplies from A.G. Maas

If supply chain issues are keeping high-demand items like paper towels off the shelves, you might find yourself scrambling to restock. With A.G. Maas, we work directly with suppliers so we can make sure you are always in stock of what you need.

Work with A.G. Maas for regular supply deliveries. We’ll monitor your usage and predict when you’ll need to restock particular items. You’ll never have to worry about running out of particular items again when our frequent deliveries keep you in constant supply. Contact A.G. Maas today to learn more. 


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