How to Keep Your Facility Clean with Trash Receptacles and Floor Matting Solutions

Now more than ever, it’s important to keep office buildings and facilities clean to prevent the spread of germs. Although some people might think this involves a huge undertaking, the process can be as simple as adding more floor matting and trash receptacles to areas throughout the building to prevent dirt and germs from spreading.

If you own or manage an office or commercial building, contact the facilities supplies and furnishing professionals at A.G. Maas for site furnishings that can promote a clean and healthy environment. Keep reading to learn more about how floor matting solutions and trash receptacles from A.G. Maas can fast-track your business to a healthier future!

Adding Floor Matting to Your Business

Adding floor matting to high-traffic areas is a great way to stop dirt, dust, and allergens in their tracks before they enter your workspace. Floor mats are also crucial to prevent people from slipping and falling as they enter your business, especially on wet days when it’s raining or snowing outside.

Office floor mats should be placed at all entrances and exits into and out of the building. This will prevent slips, trips, and falls and prevent dirt and dust from being tracked inside to keep your facility clean. Our line of entrance wiper and scraper mats can trap dirt and hold as much as 1.5 gallons of water per square yard to ensure your business is clean and safe.

A.G. Maas also has a full line of anti-fatigue matting, slip-resistant backing systems, and specialty mats, which can include urinal mats and mats designed to go around commodes.

Adding Trash Receptacles Throughout Your Facility

If you’ve walked around the interior or exterior of your office and noticed overflowing trash receptacles, messy workstations, or trash in the breakroom or common areas, you likely don’t have enough trash receptacles and should consider adding more to your facility.

Employees and customers who have easier access to trash receptacles make it easier for them to properly dispose of garbage which promotes a cleaner and healthier environment that cuts down on the number of germs that can spread through the office.

The professionals at A.G. Maas can work with you to determine how many trash receptacles a building of your size needs and where to strategically place them to promote a cleaner environment. With the right waste containment system in place both inside and outside of your building, you can make cleaning and janitorial work quicker and easier.

A.G. Maas has experience providing trash receptacles and recycling bins for businesses across Central Indiana, including city parks across Indianapolis and the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

A.G. Maas Can Help Your Business Stay Clean

Nothing says sloppy like an unkept or dirty office building with overflowing trash receptacles and dirty floors. Keeping your building clean is your first line of defense from unwanted issues. Fortunately, A.G. Maas can help! Contact us today for all of your building’s site furnishing needs.

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